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stressed about marks!

A photo of nagareboshi nagareboshi
Soo.. apparently I got into AP Chemistry this year. And I hear the teacher is pretty hard. But I also heard he's a really good teacher, explains really well but his tests are a killer. And the truth be told, I'm stressing out so much. Because I know since it's a grade 12 course, and since I'm applying to sciences it WILL count. And I'm so afraid I won't get a high enough mark for university (I plan to apply to UofT, McGill, McMasters and/or UBC)

Any tips on what I should do? And should I keep my AP chemistry because I might not even take the AP exam however, I want to take it because my first year of university for chemistry should be easier.. but if I drop out, I have to rotate my schedule around and it'll mess up my classes. :/ help!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I would keep AP chem. Even if your chem mark is in the 80s rather than 90s, you still have 5 other subjects to make up the difference and it's worth it to know what's going on ahead of time in first year imo.
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A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
Personally, I would drop it. Its not worth the risk. Universities are gonna accept you whether you have AP or normal UNI level courses. They just wanna see a good mark and a few ECs to sparkle your application.

Dont worry about your schedule, its only temporary for half a year, and then new schedule! Pick one: Schedule or University. Id go for uni ^_^
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A photo of ktel ktel
As long as you can get an 80. I went through IB and it prepped me very well for university. It's worth the extra difficulty
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A photo of d0nut d0nut
I would definitely keep it. I agree with the first answer - you still have 5 other subjects that can bring your mark up. You just have to suffer through it and study, study, study! It's actually quite funny because I was in chemistry last year and the teacher was said to be extremely tough and strict! He ended up being my favourite teacher and although his tests were challenging, I studied long and hard and ended up with a 94% in his class. Now, looking back at that year, I don't remember anything from my easier classes because I didn't study as much as I did in Chem.

You can do it!
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