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Stressed and Confused

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I currently am in grade 12, thinking of heading to university. I want to get into engineering, preferably Mechanical. My preferred university is McGill in Montreal. I've been to the campus, been around the city, and have a sister who is attending the university.

The problem starts with my marks. To get into mechanical engineering at mcgill i need a 92% average according to their site. Here is my top 6. (* - Indicates required courses).

*English: Finished - 86 - Summer School
*Chemistry: Finished - 82 - Fast Tracked (Slacked off)
*Physics: Mid Term - 91 - Currently Taking
*Calculus and Vectors: Next Sem
Advanced Functions: Midterm - 93 - Currently Taking
Data Management: Next Sem

Estimated Average: 90%
My problem is, i don't think i can manage a 92% average. At first i thought i could, but because of my mark in Chemistry, it doesn't look possible. I loved math, i ended with a 97 in grade 11 functions. IT seems this year it's a little harder, and im beginning to slack off.

McGill does not need Data or Advanced but I wanted to include them since I think I'm capable of a high 90. I think i can pull advanced to a 95 by the end of the year. I was thinking of taking Internation business and IB, two easy business courses to boost my average.

Any adivce?

Edit: Here is some extra information. This semister i have Spare, Biology, physic, adv func. I am doing poor in biology since i do not need it(bad idea i know) and my marks for the rest are above.

Second semi i have; Calculus, Data Management, International business, and spare.

My friends tell me to drop Data and take those two easy business courses.

Worst of all, im slacking off. I know im capable of much more. All i want to do is get into Mcgill, thats my goal. Maybe I can take Civil or Chemical since lower average.
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