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Stressed, nervous, anxious. Help.

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So, throughout my academic career, I've maintained about an 85% average. I'm going into grade 12, I know my potential and I KNOW I can get a much higher average if I work hard. I just haven't been working to my potential lately, but I know how far I can go.
So basically, I'm just very scared about grade 12 and university admission.
I know if I work hard I can attain a 89% avg, if not 89+.
I wish to study biochemistry at UT, Queen's, UWO, UofA, or UBC. (The last two being my least preferred choices)

The academic courses I'll be taking next year are Bio IB, Math 31, ELA 30-1, SS30-1, and French 30. I'm already done Chem 30, and I did decent.

Help? Any advice for the upcoming year? And any input/insight as to what I can do/if I can get into my desired universities?

I've been freaking out for a while, so any replies are much appreciated! Thanks guys!
Good luck!
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A photo of ktel ktel
U of A least preferred? I'm hurt...

Just about everybody here is from Ontario. I am not. I went to high school in Alberta, I'm assuming that's where you're from. I also did full IB. It has been 4 years since I was in high school though, so I don't remember too much about the individual courses, and I'm sure the curriculum has changed. Just do your homework, nail the diploma exams, and try to shoot for that 90+ average. But if you don't get it, don't freak out too much, you'll get in somewhere. That 90+ could be great for scholarships though, especially at the U of A, which was VERY generous to me (to the tune of $32,000)
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A photo of cherrypie725 cherrypie725
"Stressed, nervous, anxious"........ don't be. You definitely have a good shot those schools, even without a 90% average. I don't know much about U of A or UBC, but most Ontario universities have cutoffs in the low 80s for sciences. Most of the people I know who have gotten into Queen's and Western have had averages around 85%-89%.

You're unlikely to get a significant amount of scholarship money with <90%, but don't stress about admissions.
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