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Stressed Out.. What are my chances?

A photo of sunshineanddaisies sunshineanddaisies
Hey all, I was just wondering if I had any chance at all to get into the nursing program at Trent with a 75 average? I know it's pretty low, but it's all I've got and I really need to get accepted. Any help at all would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks guys :]
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A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
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A photo of infinitoria infinitoria

@KingKhan wrote

"Grade Range
75% minimum

Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites
ENG4U (with a minimum of 70%), 65% in each of SBI4U, SCH4U, and a 4U math; plus two other 4U/M courses."

it sounds like you're probably okay, unless any of your prerequisites don't meet those numbers. good luck!
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A photo of Jagxyz Jagxyz

Those are the entering averages for Trent in 2011, hope they help!
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