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A photo of Annabubble2011 Annabubble2011
Hi everyone,

Before I begin, I would like to give some background information.
I applied for the Social Science stream specifically political science. My overall top 6 are 83.1% with a very low mark in English of 72%. I know I'm just an mediocre student, but I've heard people with an 80 got in. Therefore, I am curious.

Now I know that I don't stand any chances at all, If I would switch Trinity college to Uoft St.George(Victoria College). My question is, is that possible to do so? Will my chances be higher?

Should I call the admission office or wait till I get rejected and put on to my 2nd choice? (woodsworth)<-- which I didn't know why I did that back in the months..


Should I just wait and get in to Woodsworth and then transfer to Vic If I got in?

Please and Thank you :cheers:
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A photo of Annabubble2011 Annabubble2011
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
sorry, I want to help but I don't really get your question. What do you mean "switch" universities? Are you already in uni? If you're just applying can't you just apply to all the unis you want?
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A photo of Cuiter23 Cuiter23
Shelby, the op means a college transfer in the same campus.
now to the question,
I dont think your chances will be higher if you change from trin to vic. Just wait a bit with 83.6 you should get in in may. You might not get in trin but woodsworth is good too.
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
lol no, vic is just has hard as trinity
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