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Stressing about ART SCHOOLS.

A photo of LuceeMac LuceeMac
I'm not applying to any art schools now, I plan on attending Wilfrid Laurier this upcomign September, however, I am very good at Art and my art teach thinks I have a very good chance of getting into a very good art institute! I will have my portfolio ready by my second year of Uni, where then I might apply. Problem is, I don;t know which schools offer very good art programs and I dont know of any good art schools in the Greater Toronto Area/ Toronto. Any ideas? Thanks so much !!:)
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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
I'm surprised that you don't already know about the Ontario College of Art and Design, which is right in downtown Toronto. I don't know if you can transfer there after first year though. I've heard that York also has a good fine arts program.

You could also ask your art teacher if they know of any good art schools.
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A photo of amandatulumello amandatulumello
OCAD is a very recognized school in toronto for arts. So is York. If your willing to go just outside of Toronto there is also Sheridan. It just depends what type of arts your looking at going into as some schools have better programs then others depending on the stream.
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