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Stressing over bio mark

A photo of erica520 erica520
So I really want to go to Western next year. I applied for Physiology & Psychology (BMSc). I have around an 85 average and I always have, but my only problem is my 4U bio mark. I have a 71 which is such a new thing for me (I had an 87 in bio last year). I just really slacked off and thought I could get away with doing hardly anything. I was thinking about taking the course again next semester. But I was wondering if it would even be in my top 6.

The prerequisites I need for this program are:

-English (I have an 86)
-Advanced Functions (83)

Two of the Following:
-Calculus (next sem, I think I can get an 85+ if I do my work)
-Chemistry (next sem, I think I can get an 85+ as I got 90 last year)
-Bio (71)

Other courses I took this year:
-Religion (85)
-Challenge and Change (next sem, everyone says it's easy to get good marks so I can probably get a 90)
-Drama (next sem, I've always had over a 90 in drama)

So would my biology mark not even be considered in my top 6? Or should I retake the course? Any advice? :)
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
Your "top 6" will include English and Advanced Functions for sure and then your next four highest marks, which can include the marks from no more than two M courses. So, you're going to have to do well in Calc and Chem, and hopefully really well in Drama and Challenge and Change. An 85% top 6 average will likely not be enough. The cut-off is usually about 86%.
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