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Stressing Over Grade 12

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My schedule is:

1st Sem:

Advanced Functions

(In that order)

2nd Sem:


(In that order as well)

I'm planning on putting English in my first semester as people told me that Universities look at final English marks when you have it in 1st sem, and look at mid-term marks when you have it in 2nd sem, and I'm sure that having it in 1st would leave me with the better option.

I'm trying to get into UFT for computer engineering, and I'm taking all that I need to. However, I'm sure that even if I try my hardest, the highest I'll have in each class would be an 80 or a bit less or more than that. I'm having doubts about my self, and don't think that an 80ish average is good enough to get into the program.

So what should I do now? Continue trying as hard as I can, or fill in my two spares with easy courses to raise up my average.

Note: Last year I got a 70 in physics and chemistry, and an 80 in math. English was a 74 and religion was an 86. However, I NEVER did homework. No exaggeration, but I did homework 3 TIMES or LESS in each class if it wasn't manditory. In other words, I slacked off.
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Since you seem to be a slacker and I was also a slacker in high school I can tell you what worked for me in grade 12. For math and sciences, you don't have to do homework but you should read a lot of higher level textbooks and popular science books and think about the concepts a lot. This will help you develop an intuition which is far more important than being efficient at crunching numbers. As for English, you can't escape doing tons of work for that class. There will be tons of editing and re-writing and reading and the only way to succeed is to use hard labor. Hope I helped.

Note: I never did homework in grade 12, never took notes and never brought anything from school home as I didn't have a backpack (to lessen weight as I was biking to school). I took 3 sciences, 2 maths and English and my top 6 was 90.66
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A low 80 for computer engineering is probably a bit low for U of T. You will probably need mid-80s to be competitive. Filling your spares with extra courses is completely pointless. Your top 6 consists of two sciences, two maths, and English. You only ever have one elective in your top 6 for engineering anyway. I know a ton of people who don't do much homework, if at all. I actually know as many people who do no homework as people who do all their homework. Its very common and homework is fairly unnecessary sometimes. Its honestly not that big of an effect in a course that doesn't require straight memorization like math. If you understand everything, the only factor stopping you from getting 100 in math is careless mistakes. You can only solve those through practice, and even then they still happen. I feel English is mostly potential and a bit of hard work. Its potential because people who are good at writing and can appreciate and understand literature will enjoy the course and naturally do well. You're only ever going to go so far by editing and proofreading your essay over and over again. There's always knowledge-based parts for the novels and stuff though. Sciences are mixed between application and knowledge. You need to know facts, but you also need to apply concepts. Definitely study worthy. What I find that really helps me as someone who is not the most diligent worker, is to listen in class. I raised 10% from grade 11 to 12 math by simply listening in most important lessons. You can still have the occasional nap, but just listen and make sure you understand when it matters.
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