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A photo of FindlayH FindlayH
The last few years I have gotten fairly into business competitions. I took part in the
BMO Apex Comp and the Are You Smarter Than a CEO comp. I even looked at participating in the Queens Business Comp. I wanted to see who else here had competed and if we could get a list of all competitions so that we can all take part in them.
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A photo of Super Super
Our team had competed in the SAGE Canada competition. It's relatively new but it was an excellent opportunity.
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A photo of FindlayH FindlayH
I know most school have local case competitions, ussually Irving Oil puts a few on in the Atlantic region. Ivey Business Comp is one I always wanted to get into but found out about it just after registration closed. One of my friends in the SMU MBA program is currently participating in Marketing Idol it seems pretty short but so far not a huge amount of participants so it could be easier to win.
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