yconic - Student from the UK interesting in studying Graphic Design in Canada.
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Student from the UK interesting in studying Graphic Design in Canada.

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Hi there, I am currently a student in the UK and I am very interested in the ISEP student exchange program. I was hoping to get a bit more information from people who actually attend these universities or have knowledge of the local areas.

There are four Canadian universities that are available for transfer, they include:

Brock University
Laurentian University
Thompson Rivers University
University of Regina

I am currently a second year BDes Visual Communication for Design (Graphic Design) student. I was wondering if any of the above universities have a good reputation for their Design programs? Any that I should steer away from?

Although the ISEP program is mainly tailored towards the USA I am originally from Canada and therefore have dual citizenship (technically triple citizenship) for Canada / UK (and Ireland) and that is why I am most interested in apply to Canada. It would be nice to go back. Would I be able to apply for any additional funding help because of this? or do they require you to be resident for so many years before you can apply?

I also cannot drive though I hope to learn before heading over. I know that it is standard in Canada / USA that everyone can drive by the time they are 16 but I am 21 and have yet to have a lesson. (We aren't taught in school — you have to pay for lessons privately.) will this be a problem in getting around in these areas?

Any help would be gratefully received! If anyone has any questions about the British University system please just ask I'd be more than happy to help! :)
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