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I have noticed that a lot of Ontario Universities offer student teams as a part of their engineering department. Waterloo, MAC and Toronto all offer a rocketry team, race car build team and an alternative fuels team. I was wandering if any forum member who has been a part of any of the aforementioned teams could answer my questions.

1) What team did you Join and at which institution?
2) Were their any barriers to join? Any previous experience or certain marks required?
3) When did you join? First year? Second Year? etc.
4) How was your experience? Good? Bad?
5) What was expected of you?

Thank You for your time!
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A photo of ktel ktel
1) I was on GNCTR (Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race) at the U of A
2) This was the largest engineering team at our university, they loved having people join
3) I joined in 3rd year after all my friends had participated in 1st and 2nd year
4) My experience was great. This is probably the most fun design team that you can be on
5) This team is a little unusual. Because it's so large there are a lot of members that don't do a whole lot, and then a handful of people who do almost all the design work. A lot of other teams just have a few members and they do a LOT of work. A lot of the other design teams at our university thought that we were a joke as a result, which couldn't be further from the truth.
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