yconic - Study tips and advices to get at least 80% + on sciences/math tests and exams?
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Study tips and advices to get at least 80% + on sciences/math tests and exams?

A photo of milliex51 milliex51
Anyone who used to get 60s-70s on tests and low marks on exams (40s-50s yet still pass by a 70)? How did you guys motivate yourselves to get good grades, and earn acceptance letters from the universities you applied? What did you guys have to do to get where you are right now? Thanks for reading and answering my question :alien:
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A photo of Rela Rela
Dont leave studying to the last few days before you have the test. In addition to doing the asssigned homework for the day, briefly review previous lessons everyday. For sciences, there's no use trying to cram information into your head by memorizing, you must understand the concepts in order to succeed. For mathematics, the only advice I can give is to constantly practice everyday.
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A photo of TaylorShandraw TaylorShandraw
Always do the homework assigned! in grade 9 and 10 i always did my math homework, and ended both years with a 95%, last year in grade 11 i slacked off and never did it, and my mark was a 84%, this year ive gotten back into doing my homework and my mark is a 97%. I've seen how important it is to actually do the questions assigned!
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A photo of Bscit Bscit
Doing all the homework will probably be the biggest help.

I always leave studying for tests to the day before the test but you should look
over notes/handouts and double check if you understand it. And I would not recommend studying for more than 2 hours at once, take like hour breaks in between.
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A photo of maiad maiad
Personally, i study a week before the test but then again that's me XD i retain information relatively easier in a short span . Find what works for you in your first year because for most individuals, they experience dramatic drops in averages because of poor study skills because let's be honest, you can probably still pull off 80+ in high school with only doing the bare minimum.
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