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Studying Out of Province

A photo of TLAHill793 TLAHill793
I start my first year of undergrad at the University of Victoria next year but I am from Ontario. Does anyone have any money tips for saving money while out of province or scholarship opportunities for students studying out of province?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Save money, get a job, don't live on campus, etc.
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A photo of LankyFingers LankyFingers
[size=4]Army, your advice-giving is flawless.

Anyway, chances are living in residence is over-priced and really not as thrilling as they advertise it to be. There are many restrictions, you have a small living space, etc, it's just a pain. My advice for living is to visit this website: www.places4students.com
Basically you provide them with what school you're looking into getting in and it lists tennants/landlords/home owners who have rooms available at relatively cheap prices. Honestly, that's one of your best bets for good deals. Also, you can post an ad for yourself providing people with how much you're looking to spend for rent and you can have home owners as well as potential roommates contact YOU. I've been using it for half a month (I'm moving about an hour away from home) and I've been contacted by 4 people looking for roommates. Now this weekend I'm meeting up with them and looking at houses.
Best part is, they're even in the same program as me. So maybe if you do this you'll meet people before you get into school and familiarize yourself with things.

That's about all I can tell you for saving money. The biggest part of it is usually how licing will be anyway. I'm not actually in school yet so I'll be learning at the same pace as you, haha. I hope that helps a bit![/size]
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