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Studying past 12 am?

A photo of artyboy artyboy
Next year I will be in computer engineering for the university of Waterloo. I have never studied or finished an assignment pass 12 am as I usually finish last minute assignments before class. Is it possible with the heavy engineering workload to have 8 hours of sleep? If not what ways are there to make staying up late easy? I don't like coffee, so should I drink energy drinks or caffeinated beverage like coke?
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A photo of aimango aimango
LOL. This was my life in first year:
Wake up in the mornin: 730-8 am. Get off class at ~5pm. Lounge around for maybe a few hrs with classmates/friends, then start studying and/or doing assignments til around 2-3am. i would take a few breaks in between for food/roommates/boyfriend/etc. im pretty good at multitasking though.

8 hrs of sleep is not that realistic in engineering, esp. since most of your residence friends / roommates will be up til 2 or 3 (cause them non-engineers dont got class til like 10 am or 1 pm T.T), so youll get used to it. I mean 8 hrs is possible, youll just feel behind because the time used for sleep can be used for study (or else you wont keep up).

definitely get some coffee in the mornings if you didnt get your 8 hrs, but dont get energy drinks cause after they wear off, youre dead. definitely expect to fall asleep during class.. its a terrible thing but its definitely common, since a lot of the time youll be having 3-4 classes in a row. haha, so figure out which of classes have crappy profs and nap away ;x

i dont really have a tip to stay up... thats kinda a silly question haha. if you got assignments to do, exams the next day, you gotta stay up til you feel like youre done.
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A photo of BFishy BFishy
Just have to engineer some time to sleep!!!

Haha! Get it? Engineer? Because they make things? so "make" time to sleep? Haha.
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A photo of YourAvgKid YourAvgKid
Or just cut out all your fun and become a robot. Class-study-gym-sleep.
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A photo of biosci biosci

@YourAvgKid wrote
Or just cut out all your fun and become a robot. Class-study-gym-sleep.

robot is right haha that was my first year "Class-study-gym-sleep" Plus or Minus the last one sometimes ;)
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
You'll probably have a bit of time in between classes (like a class from 8-11 then not oe again until noon). If you take advantage of those times to study while you eat that can be pretty helpful too.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
God I love coffee.
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