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submit u of t SIF?

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how do you submit u of t SIF? i mean do you just click submitted button and wait for them to acknowledge the info
or do i need to print what i did including essay and mail them to school?
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A photo of maelong maelong

@engineersrock wrote
Just submit all six of your sections, make sure they have a check-mark next to them, and you're good to go. Now you have to wait for their response.

Just wondering, why does the application allow you to choose between Advanced Functions, Data Management, Biology, etc. if advanced functions is a prereq? Do they mean you just have to have completed Advanced Functions, but can choose any from their drop down menu to use instead of it? Weird.

Thanks, and good luck! :)

i'm from alberta, so... you are asking wrong guy bro
for comp sci u of t, there's no such thing as SIF right?
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