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Submitting Transcript to UBC

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I am a student applying for a transfer to UBC and was wondering what the best method is? I know someone is gonna say call but they are closed today. I have the options of electronic submission, mail or maybe even dropping it off myself. I am not sure if UBC allows people to hand in their transcripts in person even if they are stamped and sealed. I have also read on the redflagdeals forum that you can include a tracking slip with your name and student number to speed up the process. Is this possible? Any answers will be greatly appreciated.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Are you a student currently studying in BC?
I think mailing it to them will be fine.
I mailed all my transcripts to Ontario schools and it arrived early with lots of time to spare.
Just include your UBC student number on the envelope somewhere, that will speed up the process.
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A photo of forthewinwin forthewinwin
Uhm, you go to the Online Self Service (SSC?) on the website of your school, and go to something along the lines of "Student Records". There should be an option to pay $5 by a credit card to forward the transcript electronicly to UBC.

If your school uses a paper transcript system, then they will mail it.

Bringing the transcript/mailing it yourself will make it invalid- UBC states that it must be sent by the insitution.

You read the Readflagdeals comment incorrectly. To speed up the process slightly, you request that your insitution send the transcript by Courier/Express Mail, which will cost slightly more but may speed up the delivery of your transcript by just 1-2 days, maybe 3, assuming that your insitution uses a paper transcript system. Keep in mind that once UBC receives the transcript, it may take them UP TO an additional 2-3 weeks for them to apply it to your application since UBC has to sort through their mailbox with thousands of these documents, so you might want to send it ASAP as you read this.

I sent my Thompson Rivers Transcript on the 14th, and UBC just processed it today (26th)- so the whole process took 1 1/2 weeks. Last time, it took 2 weeks.

Langara, Douglas, and Kwantlen I believe all send the transcript electronicly, while Thompson Rivers sends it by paper.
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