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summer or private school effect your admission?

A photo of tashi tashi
i am not a regular day student. and i will soon be applying for Mac or UofT into life science.i still need to finish 4 more grade 12 courses by the end of this year.

exercise science
individuals & families in diverse society

i will be taking two in night school,one in summer school and one in private school.

1) i heard that university look down on courses taken form private school especially if you take English since its mandatory subject. is that true? will it effect my admission if i take some of my major courses from private high school?

2) DO Mac and UofT wait until late July for final marks?

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A photo of Joshki Joshki
Mac doesnt care where you took the course, whether at summer school or private school. it'll just take your highest mark.

U of T pays a lot of attention to where you took the course and whether that course was being repeated or not.
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A photo of taraY26 taraY26
i don't know about UofT but for Mac,

1)doesn't matter for private school as long as it is under approve of Ontario ministry of education. they will treat the same.

2)if you are going to university in September 2012,you cannot take summer school. they want your final marks by the end of June.

yes. do 2 for n.s and 1 in private school and an online course.:cheese:
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A photo of tashi tashi
thanks tara and josh. mac is my first choice so its such a relief to hear that. i just have to finish everything by the end of june :)
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