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A photo of BOSS10 BOSS10
I'm a grade 11 student and i am currently taking 2 grade 12 courses this year, i'm planning and hoping to complete a grade 12 course in the summer and possibly in night school. should i summer schoool a math like adv func, or calc or something like english to lessen my load for my final year ?
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A photo of Qq Qq
Whichever you find harder, you're lessening your load already by taking a math or English. You won't be able to take calc unless you have taken adv. functions.
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A photo of nellyj nellyj
You should definitely take the course that you find hardest for you. That way it will make you grade 12 year a little easier. I'm in grade 12 and it's helping me right now while my other friends are stressed out by their work load.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Lol I was in the same shoes as you.
I took 3 grade 12 courses in grade 11 to ease off the load in grade 12.
Unless you're really good at math, you're probably going to end up retaking math 12 once you're in grade 12.
I also took 2 courses over the summer in grade 11 to finish off some more. I ended up taking english and physics.
I find that english is a lot easier during summer school, since there's such a short amount of time, they make you do way less work and read 1 novels as opposed to 2 or 3 over the course of a school year/semester.
Take the course(s) that you find the most challenging, so if you end up not doing as good as you expected, at least you have a good preview of what to expect next year.
But if you want something easy to take.. try english or bio, probably the two easiest to do good in over the summer.
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A photo of crazyman123 crazyman123
Yeah I took English 4U in summer school. Best decision ever
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A photo of seanleamen seanleamen
Wow! I did the exact same thing as you! It really pays off in the end (I got early acceptance to university mainly because of taking classes early). I took a Social Science (Canadian Families) in the summer, because my guidance counsellor told me it was a great mark booster, especially in the summer (I got a 97%). I would advice you to take English, becuase there are a lot of essays and reading and it will lessen your workload a lot. Plus, you'll probably get a better mark in the summer and it will aide you better in getting into university (as all programs require Grade 12 English). Hope this helps :)
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A photo of kux3 kux3
English is your best choice and either summer school or night school would be fine.

Remember to try and keep Grade 12 English still in your schedule in case you drop it in summer school.

You don't want to make the same mistake as me, dropping it and had all the trouble with guidance in getting it back into my schedule, then getting it in night school.

English is very important. Work hard!
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