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Summer School Question

A photo of Niciyobi Niciyobi
I had originally planned to take Data during summer but just found out it's not being offered.
I'm now planning on taking Grade 12 U English.
Is this a good idea?
I know some schools are picky about summer school/repeated courses so I'm worried now.
(Planning to go into an accounting program either at Waterloo, Laurier, Western or McMaster).

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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Waterloo's accounting program (I don't know which one, the really competitive one), takes off 1% from your average for summer school courses.
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A photo of Niciyobi Niciyobi
Oh :/
Planning on applying to the AFM program at Waterloo.
My marks range from low 90's to high 80's so that 1% is important for me...
Any other input~? Have to decide soon so I can change my next year courses before it's too late.
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