yconic - Supplementary form for Univeristy of Toronto Scarborough...? plus questions on UofT life sciences
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Supplementary form for Univeristy of Toronto Scarborough...? plus questions on UofT life sciences

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I applied for Neuroscience, co-op at UTSC and just normal neuroscience at st. george.

My supplementary form for UTSC was late by about a week, I couldn't get it in on the actual date. But on my tracking application it says it is received. Is the fact that it is late going to jeopardize my chances of getting in? I'm very scared...

Also, how is life at st. george
I am not very active in high school, the only thing i have is great marks and i am kinda of an introvert. I want to go into research, and i love learning and school, but i guess i have to start talking to professors and joining clubs in uni. How hard is it to talk to professors and be active in uni
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Life Sciences at UTSG is a lot of work, but if you're committed, you can do it and will come out a better student. You don't have to be a social butterfly to get into research, or join clubs for that matter. If you want to join clubs, it's quite easy (there's a site for it and a clubs fair at the beginning of the school year), and it'll help you become more sociable.

It isn't hard to talk to professors, but having them bring you into their lab comes down a lot to chance (whether they have positions available, whether they have the funds to bring in more students, etc.). If you're eligible for OSAP (you don't have to be receiving it, just be eligible), it can be easier, as you can apply for work-study positions in labs. If you're not eligible for OSAP, I suggest that within the first few months of university, you find some professors whose research you're interested in, read some of their recent publications, and then email them expressing interest in their work (make sure to mention the articles of theirs you read, and what aspects of their research you're most intrigued by). Professors want to see genuine interest in their work, and even if you don't understand some of it (you probably won't understand most of the methods section, the statistics used, and some of the abstract and discussion, and that's fine), they will be able to tell that you have real intentions. You might not get in, for reasons mentioned earlier, but don't be discouraged, because you'll have already made a good impression that'll help when new opportunities come up, and there's a huge faculty at UTSG, so you're bound to find some work.

If you want to do summer research, get good marks in your first-year (3.7 GPA and above) and then apply for NSERC at the end of your second year.

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