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Supplementary Forms Deadline

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Hi, I just wanted to make a thread concerning the deadlines for supplementary forms.

1) So, after applying to OUAC (before Jan.11), all I have left to do is do the supplementary application, and that is all? Correct?

2) Now, for the due dates..I plan on applying to Waterloo, Schulich, Ivey, and Queen's.
Due dates are as follows:

Schulich - Feb.8
Waterloo - Feb.29
Ivey - Jan.18 and $125
Queen's - ??

Please check for accuracy.

3) Also - I'm a Chancellor's Nominee, does that mean I'm done applying to Queen's right after I do it on OUAC? Since I'm exempted from the PSE, is there any additional thing I need to do?

Thank you!!

Other Questions/Concerns I have:
4) Can we apply and pay for programs applied on OUAC, then go back and select more & pay for them? Or must everything be done and paid only ONCE?
5) Does only Ivey require a payment for their supplementary (AEO) form?
6) Must we fill out any supplementary for the actual Western program when applying to AEO?
7)Schulich's application must be printed, and mailed, correct?
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The Undergraduate Programs Unit must receive completed Supplementary Information Forms by 4:00 pm on February 8th, 2012. Please plan accordingly.

this is for schulich other ones idk...not going to apply
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Chancellor's nominees don't have to do any supplementary apps (ex Commerce) :) And you can go back and edit OUAC I believe, up until the deadline.
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7. It can be mailed or dropped off in person. Put on a suit and do the latter if you can. ;)
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