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Switch from Computer Science to Software Engineering? [Waterloo]

A photo of iRamie iRamie
If i were to enter the Computer Science program at Waterloo, can i change my mind later and decide to get a Software Engineering degree?
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A photo of premachb premachb
I think you have to go through the SE program to get the SE degree, even if you do the SE specialization in comp sci your gonna get a BCS. But you could try to transfer into the SE program first year if you don't get in.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
From what I hear, it's far easier to do the reverse (SE to CS).
There isn't much overlap of courses between the two programs first year actually. I think if you wanted to switch into SE from CS you'll have to redo your first year. You would probably also have to maintain a high GPA to be eligible to switch faculties especially since it's switching into engineering.
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