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switching from a Ba to Bsc in psychology

A photo of arikstu arikstu
Currently I'm a grade 12 interested in applying for the psychology programs in my local universities (yorku, UfT, and ryerson) . Im wondering if at first i apply for a Ba in psych, but then during my undergraduate studies I gain an interest for the sciences, could I some how transition to a Bsc in psych during university. In particular, the process and courses I would need to take in university.
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A photo of AdriannaCote AdriannaCote
I think you're better off applying the other way around (Bsc to BA, not BA to Bsc). The Bsc has a lot more compulsory courses to it, and you might mess up your graduating timetable by trying to catch up. I would also ask the school about it, as every school is different. Hope this helps!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I agree, you're better off to start off in the B.Sc and switch to the B.A. if you find you're having difficulties.
I started off in the B.Sc but the program requirements of 2 Organic Chemistry classes, and a Biochemistry class ended up making me rethink my decision after nearly failing General Chemistry in first year. Not all schools have such rigid science requirements as the one I go to, but if you're not prepared to start university in the sciences, you're better off avoiding them.
Also, when it comes to grad school, even for Neuroscience programs, it won't matter if you have a B.A. or B.Sc. in Psychology, they'll look at either.
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