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Switching from life sci to kin at mac

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So what are the best actions if you get into life sci at Mac but wanted kines however you really like Mac? Can you specialize much in kin in life sci and what possible actions can be taken to try and switch programs and how difficult is this? Do you know what the cutoff is for kin this year? If there is still no rejection letter is there a chance you could get in if a lot of people decline their offer? (87.3% avg) is there anything else that could be done?
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Can anyone enlighten me?
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Kin is very different from life sci, so it's hard to study kin if you're in life sci. You can apply to get into kin after first year. You're best bet at this point is to do just that. Do well in first year and talk to an academic advisor early on about this process.
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Agree with poster above. If you're coming to Mac and want to switch to Kin second year try your best to take Kin 1Y03 and Kin 1YY3 these are the kin anatomy and physiology classes. For kin students they are called 1A03 and 1AA3 but they are also offered to non-kin students. As I am told they are very popular choices for non-kin students and supposedly are hard to get into if they fill up quick but I got in both, I went online to choose my courses exactly at midnight the day of and I got them, if you don't you can keep trying in case some people drop out. This course is the exact same as the kin students so for example my roommate was in kin and we went to class together. Also kin students need two science courses so since you'll be in life science you'll have that done and they need the Life science calculus so you'll also have that. What remains of first year kin that you will need is Stats, nutrition and epidemiology. I don't think I am missing any... Anyways these are only offered to Kin students so if you get into the Kin program second year you will probably have to take some in the summer and some in your second year. Since you will already have your two science courses and your math you will probably have room for them second year! And if you don't get in to Kin there are many other programs in Science that could interest you!!

Good LUCK!
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