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Switching from Life Science to Nutrition?

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I applied to Mac, western, queens, and uft all for life science/ general science/ biology and now I'm thinking is it possible to switch out of those into a nutrition program? Is it as easy as switching majors or is nutrition a completely different section?
I hope i can switch :(

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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Do you mean switching once you get into university or right now on your OUAC?
You can do both, just so you know.
If you get into Life Sci and decide that you want to go into nutrition, you deff can. Everyone in sciences take the same general first year science/math/english classes anyways.. so no one really declares their "majors" until second year.. so you could easily switch into nutrition if you find life sci isn't for you.
You can also change it on OUAC if nutrition is an option under programs, I think it's the same as life sci.. don't remember there being a nutrition option.
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