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Switching from math and stats to engineering without chemistry?

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SO I am going to Mcmaster for math and stats but decided i wanted to switch into engineering. i have the maths required and took physics(didnt do that well cuz i didnt really try). however i have never taken chemistry which i need to get into mcmasters engineering program. So should I take grade 11 chem in the summer and then find a basic chem course at mcmaster that covers grade 12 topics, or would summer school just be a waste of time. I need help because I dont want to be screwed by not taking grade 11 chem but i also dont want to take it in the summer if it is unnecessary. And i really want to switch into engineering, ive decided this will be my future career.
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I guess you could decide to do a summer grade 12 chem course but wouldn't it be too late?

On the other hand it's not unheard of when people IN UNIVERSITY already like 2nd year or 3rd year, decide to switch majors (programs). They'd consider you, and if you're accepted they'll then assess which courses you've already taken ( or you ask them to assess ) is an equivalent and is suitable to be a transfer credit. But usually, to transfer into something like engineering, it's rather hard...

All in all, TALK TO YOUR UNIVERSITY ( the one you're switching to) ask them if it's possible to even apply for a transfer if you don't have the high school prerequisites.
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