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Switching Majors

A photo of Saruna Saruna
How difficult is it to switch majors in first year between different faculties like arts and science? If you really hated your program, would you be able to switch before first year is over?
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
I can only speak for UofT and say it's pretty easy (as long as it's within the same general department, like switching within sciences). In fact, you pick your major at the end of your first year.
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A photo of Saruna Saruna
Do you think it would be very difficult to switch from a BSc to a BA major?
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A photo of egbert egbert
i know that at guelph you have to fill out an application online and say why you want to change. they will consider your high school marks as well as any university marks. there is a small fee too ( i think 30 or 40 bucks)...i would imagine most schools are similar.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
You can take whichever courses you want to in first year, as long as they aren't restricted to certain students (e.g. some courses in X subject may be restricted to students in X program) and as long as the course is still unfilled by the time any priorities given to certain students (e.g. students in programs that REQUIRE that course) are lifted - and as long as you have the prerequisites, obviously. In your case, the switch should be seamless, as you'll simply register yourself in arts courses rather than science courses during course registration.
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