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Switching programs possible?

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Hi, I'm in grade 12 right now and applied for the social science program at University of Toronto (my main goal). I originally planned to double major in Political Science and Economics. The thing is, I'm strong at math and okay in humanity/social science courses. I realized this late, and so I'm taking Advanced Functions and Calculus at the same time right now, but still doing pretty good (mid or high 90s). I used to hate math, but now I guess I'm starting to like it.

I've been looking at the programs and I'm interested in Actuarial Science, Financial Economics, Economics and Mathematics, or such programs that involve real-world math.

Anyways, the question is, can I switch programs to mathematics from social sciences right now on OUAC, or is it possible to change it after being accepted?

Or should I wait until the end of first year to declare a double major in an mathematic field and an social science, considering that we declare our majors at the end of the first year?

But the problem is, I still want to have a double major in a math field and in a social science. So would this affect anything?
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I think in the UTSG main campus, the faculties are integrated. So Arts & Science. I suggest you call their admissions office though to clarify what you should do.
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