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Switching programs/universities after first year.

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I got into the ABRUS REG program at Waterloo and I'm thinking of switching into the BBA program at Laurier second year. Since I'm an Arts student, the only business related courses I'm taking first year are ECON 101, ARBUS 100 and ARBUS 101. I wanted to know if I am still capable of getting into BBA with those three along with PSYHC 101, LS 101, and PSCI 101?
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I'm not too sure about the relationship between Waterloo and Laurier. But if you're planning on transfering, they'll look at your high school marks and your 1st year marks. They'll look at your marks and you'll be competing with other high school students.

Most schools say that only after you've been accepted, will they look at the courses you've done 1st year and consider them for transfer credits.
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I don't think you'll necessarily be competing with high school students, more likely with other transfer students for a select number of 'transfer' spots. Don't quote me on this though...
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