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Switching school terrors

A photo of jeffjanz jeffjanz
I think I am going to switch schools from being in Alberta into BC but all these applications for scholarships becom so frustrating because so many require you to be in what you are in and stick with it. Or I find that I will find a good one but its for staying in Albera in the next year, or that I have to be in a BC school currently.

Frustrating process scholarships are...

Anyone else with troubles?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Haha, I'm opposite of you.
I'm from BC and going to school in Alberta next year!
I actually haven't found much trouble applying for scholarships.
I mean, I only applied for 1 in Alberta, which was directly connected to the university I'll be attending.
I'm just applying for scholarships around my community and province in BC, most of them just say that as long as I'm planning to attend an approved university anywhere in Canada, I'm still eligible to apply..
But I have seen some good scholarships for Albertans who plan on staying in Alberta, so I do know how you feel!
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A photo of AlikaK AlikaK
I'm going to recommend NOT switching schools!!! Here's my story...

Last year, my school was forced to close because it was too small so I didn't have an option but to move for Grade 12. First off... social problems to the MAX! Then I have to adjust to a whole bunch of new teachers. I had this one teacher in first semester that I didn't know how to please him. I'd do my work, and earn a low 80. In the last two weeks, I figured him out and started getting 90's, but guess what. It's a little too late then. Other problem, my teachers, principals, guidance counsellors, etc. don't know me enough to offer me suggestions for post secondary nor to write me any letters of reference for scholarships. Andddd (yes... there's more) lots of scholarships within the school won't be given to me, because no one knows me. If I had stayed at my initial school, I probably would've pretty much cleaned up the awards/scholarships but here, I'll be lucky to get a $200 one.

Soooo yup. That's my horror story :P And for you it would be even worse if you're switching in second semester. :)
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A photo of Kwasny1 Kwasny1
The truth is your going to feel like you switched schools when going into post-secondary schooling anyways. Believe me... you will not keep in touch with at least 80 % of the people you talk to in highschool. Thats the beauty of growing up.
When you switch from grade 11 to grade 12, just think of it as going to post secondary school one year earlier.
I just moved to another school in my final year of highschool and it wasn't easy but I learned a lot from this experience.
I realized that you don't go to school for the people but instead for yourself and to get an education.
Friends come and go, and believe me my marks went soaring up when I realized that its time to become mature and capable of learning
Hope this helps
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