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Switching sciences?

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Hey everyone :)

I want to switch from B.A (Political Science, have NOT declared yet) to a B.Sc (Integrative Biology, or of the like, specialist). Is this possible without the necessary high-school prerequisites?

I did not take Grade 12 Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus, nor Grade 11 Physics. However, I never took school seriously and when I did, my teachers would wonder how I managed to do it. I have to put some of the blame on my moving around in Grade 10: moved from public to private, and the teachers taught in different orders so I never learned Chemistry and have a weak understanding of Physics, but managed to do get the provincial award (in BC, not Ontario mind you). Fast-forward to Grade 11: did terribly at my new school once I moved to Ontario - had lots of hospital absences that interfered with my first semester, including Chemistry. Took a toll on me, had depression for a while. That's when my work ethic took a nosedive (I went from Star-Pupil to Lazy-Ass Student).

This Lazy-Ass Student work ethic had no work ethic. Didn't do anything 'till last minute, but managed to get As and Bs for final grades (while still moving places) and somehow got into UofT Sc.

So if I self-teach myself Chem, Bio, Calc and Physics up to Grade 12 standards, will that be enough to do the first year science courses? If so, will I be able to change my B.A to B.Sc?
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