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switching to another university after first year

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theres 2 situations:

if i take economics at UTSG the first year and switch to UTSC for management the second year, would i still have to take the program from the beginning, meaning i would have to graduate a later?

if a take commerce at ryerson the first year and switch to USTC or UTSG for management the second year would i still have to start from the beginning again meaning i have to graduate a year later? also b/c i'm already in university of toronto would i have a higher chance of getting in UTSG since im already taking something at university of toronto?
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Quite the predicament there. Most people switch from UTSC to UTSG because there's less competition in that sense. Management is another story though, with the co-op and all. I'm sure if you have the economics course, you won't need to retake it at UTSC since it's the same course, but I think UTSC management is hard to get into in general. Why not stick with Rotman commerce?

Switching to Ryerson on the otherhand might be even worse. It is a business school but you'll probably have to talk with the registrars and Ryerson to see if the courses are equivalent. If it's just the intro courses then I assume its fine. This situation I think you'll have to talk with the schools and not with a forum, but honestly I'd just go to a school and try to stick with it if you don't want to waste a year.
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Talking from personal experience, you will probably need transcripts of the courses taking in the first university and request a transfer credit in the second university when you register. This way, they new univ. won't ask you to repeat the course you've alredy taken.

This is done in the registration offices and shouldn't take more than two days.
There's also a web page where you can see the courses equivalencies between universities. I don't remember the address, just google or bing it.

I hope this helps.:cheers:
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