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Switching to math program possible??

A photo of kriispsmile kriispsmile
Hi, I just got accepted for the social science program for UofT. The thing is, I'm strong at math and so-so in humanity/social science courses. I realized this late, and so I'm taking Advanced Functions and Calculus at the same time right now, but still doing pretty good (99 and 95 respectively). I used to hate math, but now I guess I'm starting to like it. I'm interested in Financial Economics, or other math programs.

Anyways, the question is, is it possible to switch programs to mathematics from social sciences after being accepted?
If not, should I wait until the end of first year to declare a major in an mathematic field (if possible?)?
(Btw, my average from last semester is 85.)

Please help, I've been trying to contact UofT but I can't get ahold of them :/
Thanks in advance.
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A photo of BobMcBob BobMcBob
I'm currently a math student at UofT and I did pretty much the same thing ( enrolled in humanities, went into math ) . When you go into your first year of university, you are allowed to take any courses you want ( although you may have to wait until course registration blocks and lifted, they sometimes give people who actually enrolled for the program a first go at all the courses; but I wouldn't worry too much, math courses don't fill up too much ). If you want to become a math specialist, just take MAT157, MAT247 and MAT 240 in your first year and then you can declare the program when you are done with 4 credits ( those three math courses plus any other combination of credits) .

In conclusion: what you applied for doesn't mean anything at all. You declare your actual program after your first year, and your actual program will depend on the courses you take in your first year.

Good luck!
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