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Switching universities 1st, 2nd year ?

A photo of Absolut10 Absolut10
Hey, I heard its possible to switch universities 1st or 2nd year? can someone give me some more information on this, and is it hard to do so? Also i was wondering if your planning on doing your graduate degree, do people go to "lower" end universities to achieve higher marks to get into their dream university?

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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
You can switch universities regardless of what year you're in, just as long as you have the marks/pre-reqs.
If you switch after your first year.. so going into 2nd.. universities will look at your high school grade 12 marks AND your first year GPA.
If you switch after your second year.. going into third, they will ONLY look at your past university marks, your high school marks will play no role in admission anymore.
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A photo of dancee dancee
I am hopefully transferring from my university to another one since I think I would feel more comfortable back where I'm from. The 105 application on OUAC is really simple but be aware that you will need to get an official signed and sealed (in an envelope) high school transcript and send them on your own to the university admissions office that you are applying to. That costs money. You would be re-applying to university(ies) again so that will incur costs.
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