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System Design Engineering

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Can anyone who applied/admitted tell me about this program? How are the job prospects?

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I applied and was accepted and definitely considered it as it was my 3rd choice. After doing much research and contacting current students, I concluded job prospects are dismal if you can't secure a job with one of the companies that you co-op with. It's definitely good for graduate school and research much like UofT's engineering science program, but not great job prospects with only an undergraduate degree, unlike the core-8 programs. But you also learn programming, so that may open quite a few jobs after graduation.
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Based on what my friend in SYDE has told me, SYDE is good if you're doing engineering for the sake of engineering if you catch my drift. SYDEs is very broad and interdisciplinary.

To further explain my point, apparently the highest number of UW engineering grads who go onto do MBAs and work in places like consulting and banking are from SYDE by a long shot.

Basically, I think I'm trying to say that you do SYDE to get that "Engineering mindset" but you don't do it because you want to become an engineer.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Hope that helps.
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