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Taking an Online Course........

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Is it to late to enroll in an online class? Not a private school type..the other kind... Continuing Ed Online....that's what its called..i need to drop one of my classes because i don't need it at ALL and I'm failing it..and I'm only taking 6 grade 12 courses atm...so i need to replace it with another course...but the thing is, its too late to take a new class since its already a month into the new semester...so the only option i think i have now is taking an online course...

Has anyone taken one before?
This is what I'm looking at http://www.peelschools.org/con-ed-online/

it doesn't say anywhere whether there was a deadline to enroll or anything... so I'm assuming you can join whenever...but i could be wrong.. I'm talking to my guidance counselor on Friday...so I'll ask her then BUT I'm feeling really anxious right now because i just discovered this online course thing soooo...i need to know if its possible!! :bounce:

sorry for rambling on and on...though i'd really appreciate any help! thanks :)
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Well I live on the west coast so I don't know if it's different here.. I think we can still sign up..
can't say the same for east coast online schools.
E-mail/call them and ask.. only way you'll find out!
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No, it's too late. The courses have already started, and the deadline for registration was in early February. D:
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