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Taking SBI4U again.

A photo of nanaosaki nanaosaki
I took gr.12 biology last year in 2010 and ended up getting a 75%. I wanted my bio mark to be higher so I took it again this year however in another high school since I moved. Anyways I now have an even lower mark than I did last year and this really worries me as to how the universities will look at it. I know they look at your best 6 but will repeating the course and getting an even lower mark affect the admission? Or will they just use the mark from last year? I applied to biopharm at Ottawa U btw and all my other marks are 80%+ it's just the bio that's screwing me over.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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A photo of LampShade LampShade
They would look at the higher mark. You should be fine though, as long as you have 80+%, you will be pretty safe for admissions.
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A photo of nanaosaki nanaosaki
Ok thanks. I sure hope they do
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A photo of brendanguyen brendanguyen
Don't worry about Universities take your top 6 marks and a 75 is still pretty good. Good luck and I hope you get accepted to Ottawa!
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A photo of taylorgavin12 taylorgavin12
Some schools average the two, but I believe for the schools you applied to they will take the higher mark. As said earlier, with your marks you mentioned you'll for sure get in. Good luck!
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A photo of YYLau YYLau
im retaking SBI4U too ! :[

dont worry , most universities take the highest mark ...
if yur still not sure, check out the website ... or electronicinfo.ca if yur university is within canada
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A photo of danielafaykoo danielafaykoo
Every university is different. Some only regard your first bio mark, some average the two, and some take your highest. You'll really have to research, and if not call or email the school.
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