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TD Canada Scholarship News

A photo of 6x7 6x7
Has anyone heard any news about the TD Canada Scholarship yet?
They said that we were to hear news at the end of December, so does that mean at the end of this week? Do they contact people at different times at this one week, or do they contact people all in one day?
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A photo of dayhay dayhay
I haven't heard anything about it either, although I don't think everyone is supposed to expect a reply. On the application information they said that they would notify the finallistsabout their status by the end of December. Everyone else will hear when they decide on the winners.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." :)
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A photo of BrooklynOrban BrooklynOrban
i recieved a letter in the mail a week or two ago saying i was not accepted. i didnt realize when i applied how "prestigous" this scholarship was!
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