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Hey everyone! So I`m planning to teach ESL..Possibly in another country. Is there anyone here who is currently doing this? If so, have you taught mostly in Canada or in a different country? And what have you enjoyed the most about it?
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It's a super common thing to teach ESL in another country after graduating. I don't personally know anyone who's done it, but I do know that as long as you take first year English you're good to go (of course it's better still if you do an English major and possibly get a background in linguistics). I know at Queen's every year there's an overseas recruiting fair (that I plan to attend in my B.Ed year) where schools from all sorts of countries come to Queen's in search of new graduates to teach in their schools. I've heard stories of people going to this fair and leaving with 3 job offers, so just because the situation in bad in Ontario doesn't mean the world isn't an option!
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