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Ted Rogers School of Management (Retail Management?)

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Hey guys, so I am really interested in Ted Rogers School of Management for Retail Management. I already applied to their program for Retail Management and I have been accepted to York for Psych. But York was my backup plan and I don't even want to go there, so I am planning on deleting my offer for York and applying to the Business Management program at Ryerson as well.

Basically, I have everything planned out. Right now I work at Walmart as an associate and I LOVE IT. I LOVE working in retail, I've always wanted to work in retail (I worked in a restaurant before) and I just LOVE it. The customers, everything, I know it drives some people crazy but I love it and I love my job. I want to make a real career out of this. Assistant managers make up to 50,000$ and co-managers and store managers make so much more.

So I really want to get into Ryerson for retail management because the program is exactly what I want. I live in Mississauga and I applied to UTM too for Psych and I could major in Psych and Management there. But I am more interested in Ryerson even though everyone says it sucks.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to go to Ryerson and they think I can do so much better because I've already been accepted to York... I am so confused, what should I do?

My courses...

English (got 72 on mid-term but that was a few tests, its gotten higher)
Challenge + Change (76 on mid-term but I've done great since)
Individuals and Families (78 on mid-term but I've KILLED everything since)

Next semester...

Bio (I've always done good in bio, hopefully I can get an 80?)
Data (never done good in Math but I will work so hard, hopefully I can get a 70)
Food and Nutrition (planning on changing it for an easier course)

Any advice or help? Do I have a chance of getting in? Because on the Ryerson site it says Data is ok but they prefer Calculus or Advance Functions. I can't take these courses because I never took Grade 11 Functions (I took Uni/College Math in Grade 11)

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