yconic - Tell me Pros and cons For McMater , UfT , Waterloo and UOIT for engineering.
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Tell me Pros and cons For McMater , UfT , Waterloo and UOIT for engineering.

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Just tell me more about Co-op, Environment of university, quality of studies , Interaction between students and profs, students attitude towards each other , Social groups and activities within universities and ethic distribution among students within university.
I have been so confused , which university should I go for my undergraduate engineering.
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I am just an applicant like you...So, if you got accepted to all these 4 universities...The main issue to choose is between waterloo and Uoft
I've heard that the engineering faculty that helped waterloo gain its reputation retired and the present one sucks. I kinda feel UofT maintains the quality of its faculty because of its International reputation...As for residence and campus Uoft is much better as it is in downtown toronto. The thing that waterloo can attract you is Co-op...more info. for co-op can be found here http://www.cecs.uwaterloo.ca/students/prospective/ ... But if your thinking about co-op you might wanna consider Uoft's PEY (professional experience year)which is similar to co-op...And UofT is much more competitive because of the number of students but huge first year classes might be a bother...So, I would probably go for UofT if your planning for masters outside canada...If you are not, you should go to Waterloo.

I applied for computer engineering for both...But i am going to UofT because of the reasons below:
1. I can travel from home to university within an hour...This is much quicker and easier than doing all the house chores at residence.
2. I am planning to do MBA in US
3. PEY is almost = co-op and it is for one whole continuous year rather than bits of work experience as in waterloo's co-op. Doing PEY I can get a minimum salary of 48K and actually do a proper engineering job, whereas you earn an avg of 30K at waterloo's co-op and generally you first few placements will be for clerical jobs.
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