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The Big Question: Queen's or Waterloo Co-op?

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I'm going into Physics with the intention to specialize in astrophysics. I've got a mid-ninety average, and I'm not big on partying or sports or anything like that. I've been offered the Principal's Scholarship at Queen's; no word yet from Waterloo about scholarships, so I'll have to wait until mid-May to find out. Note: I don't know what I want to do with my degree, exactly; grad school isn't 100% certain, since I'm taking a course that interests me rather than taking it with a specific career in mind...

Is co-op useful in this field?

Where would I get a better education overall?

Any other opinions?
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I think co-op would be useful in any field. So for that, Waterloo is the better one to choose. It's great you're going into physics for the interest, but you also gotta be realistic and think about what you can do with that degree. So for that again, going into waterloo's co-op is your best bet. their co-op program is very diverse, so getting exposed to the different jobs that involve physics might help you to decide whether you really want to stick to physics or not in the long run. Not quite sure which one will provide you with the "better" education but I do know both programs and universities are pretty good.

Oh and i just re-read your post. If you're "not big on partying or sports". Great! Waterloo it is then. LOL
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