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A photo of jellybro jellybro
So i wrote the CCC today and needless to say I probably did really REALLY bad. Anyways, my reason for taking the CCC was because I felt that it was my last year in high school and I wanted to take a shot at it since all my friends were doing it as well. I took grade 12 computer science and I found it challenging. Just wondering, will a bad mark on the CCC ruin my chances of getting admitted to waterloo engineering?
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A photo of Bscit Bscit
No it will not but doing well, i believe, will increase your chance significantly. Also, you should do the Euclid Math Contest too.
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A photo of 067978791 067978791
I did the CCC too and I only managed to completely finish the first 3 questions. The last two had stuff that i didnt learn. I took computer science 12 (online) but didnt take computer science 11 (because it wasnt available at my school or online).

You should take the physics competition too, i think its called Sir Issac Newton Physics Competition (its also sponsored by Waterloo).
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A photo of cm0011 cm0011
No, I don't believe so, I think just taking it in general increases your chances of getting into Waterloo, or maybe just doesn't affect it, because it's kind of like an experience thing. I wrote the CCC too, I've taken Grade 11 and 12 Computer Science, and I don't know if it's just me or my compsci teacher, because I got 87-90 in the course, but I could only complete one question >.< so don't worry :)
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A photo of Serllen Serllen
Did you guys take the junior or the Senior division?
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A photo of jelly jelly
Took senior, got 13 LOL. Everyone who took junior in my school got around 50-60 (first 4 were easy, last one was ridiculous). The highest senior mark in my school was 39.
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