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The flaw in Western's first round acceptances

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Okay so I don't know about the rest of you Western hopefuls but I was super stressed to hear about the first round acceptances being handed out this past week. In attempt for clarification I contacted the Admissions at Western to figure out the cutoff as well as what was considered, I was replied to with this:

"Western has three offer rounds, with the 1st offer round based on your top six Grade 11 U or M average, the second round is based on your top six Grade 11 U or M average as well as your completed Grade 12 U or M courses, and the third offer round is based on your top six Grade 12 U or M courses including prerequisites.

The cutoff requirement for the last offer round was an average of 93% based on 6 Grade 11 U or M courses.

Last year, the cutoff requirement for the third offer round was 85.5%. While it is too early to predict the cutoff requirements for this year, I would be surprised if the requirements saw a huge jump in average. With your predicted Grade 12 average being in the nineties range, I think that you are in good shape. Please note that scholarships are based on your final Grade 12 average so there is no real advantage to receiving an early offer."

I bolded the flaw. For myself personally I didn't even have 6 11 U or M courses! This is because i took fitness, religion (I attend a Catholic school, so this is required), and the MDM 4U course! So really I had only 5 courses that qualified. I'm thinking this is what made a lot of my friends who have 95+ averages get snubbed on this 1st round. But as stated there really is no advantage to this whole early acceptance thing, it's based mainly on a sense of security. I just find it mind boggling that Western did not consider those of us who are in Catholic instutions and basically have to take religion, and in the case of many people taking 3 sciences, the university level religion is just too much to take on. Also in a previous email this same admissions officer stated that the 2nd round goes out at the end of February. Hope this helps, because it sure as heck relieved a lot of my stress!!
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Really? I go to a Catholic school and I know no university-bound students taking the open religion course, at all.
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Yeah I hear that a lot from other schools, our religion department is brutal and I couldn't imagine balancing an M religion along with 3 sciences, and 2 maths, really only having a break for like one joke course. It's not just me either, its just a general trend at my school. It's interesting to know it isn't at others, so maybe my statement in the original post may just apply for my own experience.
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