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The Forum is Baaaack!

A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
Wooh! The intense forum conversations are back! I swear it was so dead, a couple of days ago? Soon enough, this forum will just be like the last. Where are my homeboys soccerstar6, smarty1, Prefontaine, JX2, kidCudi, g93, imSyed, theSecondComing, iansharer? Oh yes, and how can I forget dLight and LawStudent?

Anyway, I asked this question on the old forum but it was closed.

I finished my McGill application but before really going through with it and paying the $85, I researched a bit about the Management program at McGill.

I'm having doubts about this program (once again), because it really doesn't seem to be all that good. I want to go into a Finance related job and I was wondering if McGill would get me in good places? I mean I'm well aware that McGill has an exchange to UPenn's Wharton and also has the Honours in IM program but seriously how many students have the shot at these opportunities? What if one doesn't get the exchange with UPenn or doesn't get into the Investment Management program? What else does this program have to offer?

Who recruits from here? I've been trying to find placement reports but I can't find it?

What do you guys think, is it worth applying? Or should I use the $85 to apply to 2 uni's like Laurier and AFM? I still have a couple days before the deadline?
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A photo of imsyed imsyed

I remember I saw the placement reports for Desautels some time ago.
When i read ur post the last time i tried searching for it but I dont know maybe they took it off.

From what I remember the Average salaries were ofcourse a bit lower than say Ivey or Queens but it still looked pretty good.. I dont remember much of it other than that.

Also I think that its not extremely hard for one to get into an Honours program. And the exchange thing could surely be a plus point but it isnt going to be the factor that decides who gets the better job.

I sent in my online application a few weeks ago and will be sending in the docs by new year.
Best of luck

And yea.. good to have you back as well
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
Thaanks, good luck with your application. Anyone else?
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A photo of g93 g93
Unfortunately, I have a severe lack of knowledge concerning McGill and specifically Desautels. Thanks for the mention though. Godd luck.
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A photo of lemony lemony
IMO: Before you apply to any university, you should ask yourself "Would I really be happy going there?" If you are having your doubts about McGill, then, no, you should not waste the $85 on a university that you would likely say 'no' to anyway. Remember, in the end, you only pick one university and chances are, if you have the grades to get into McGill, you can probably get into some other university that you may view as having a way better business program. Good luck.
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A photo of imsyed imsyed
I didnt want to start a new thread for this so..

How are you guys planning on sending in your documents to the university ?
By hand, Regular Mail or Courier ( DHL, Aramex ? )

As i am an international what do you guys recommend ?
P.S. Courier is sh*t expensive!
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