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The most common habit... PROCRASTINATION???

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So I have the habit of procrastination and Im slightly worried about going into coolege with this habbit. Right now I'm trying to kick the habbit, but man oh man is it hard :(
I have found some things that seem to help me out, but I would love to read what works for others!

I find that writing everything I have to do down on a list scares me into doing my work.
Or writing it all on a calander seems to really help. I will write when I work or have sports or stuff like that along with my homework due dates and seeing how busy my schedule is really gets me focoused!

Any other ideas?
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
Find something that motivates you...it's all I need lmfao
Being organized and stuff helps but if you lack the motivation to do a task and do it well while you're at it it only helps so much. Find something you want, and get into the mindset that everything you do from now on is in order to achieve that goal :D
An example is money. As bad as it seems, money is an excellent motivator to do something well. At least in my experience. Another one is family pride or whatever. I can't imagine what it's like to let my family down, but this only works if your parents are hardcore and set lofty goals for you. There's lots more (passion, pride, competition, whatever) that you can use to motivate you. :)
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A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
Hey! Great to see I'm not alone on this.
So I've more or less procrastinated my whole life, and lately, I have been kicking the habit. It's VERY difficult, and very tempting to procrastinate and do something else, and as you can see, since I'm typing this I'm procrastinating again :P - but there are more factors as to why right now, but ANYWAY!

My motivatations are

1) Anger - anger to prove everyone, all those who have doubted me, that I CAN do what I want. I just imagine the day I walk out holding that degree, and that gives me the chills and BANG I'm back in!

2) Competition - Lately I've left my old friends and been hanging out with the 'nerds'. These people, however, aren't nerds, and I would not use any derogatory terms against them (considering how generous and helpful they are). However, I do compete with them, and I am competing with a very smart student in physics. We've made a bet, and I CANNOT STAND LOSING!

3) Self fulfillment - I can't stand knowing I'm 'dumb' so I try to study to prove to myself that I'm not dumb, I just don't study.

4) Idols - My idol is a rocket scientist, and whenever I feel down, depressed, unmotivated, I think of what HE would possibly say, and then immediately, anger kicks back in, and I'm ready to work again!

5) Future - The thought of a better future (I have bad economic circumstances atm), a better life, something great for my kids and wife, just that thought makes me go "Okay man, there's a difference between I will do and I am doing, start now if you want a difference, otherwise, you're gonna be teaching in high school for 2-3k a month".

And that's my motivation in a nutshell :)

Oh and something to think about:

When you procrastinate, you often do something unnecessary - such as YouTube, video games, etc...

Do what I do, think ahead and be like, "Do I really wanna be up all night working or just finish it now, and reward myself by doing so and so after?".

I often do that, and the thought of rewarding myself makes me go "fine, you win brain.".

I just hope before next year (first year university), this habit will be a thing in the past!

Good luck!
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A photo of w18 w18
Procrastination is the worst! D:

My school is pretty competitive and some of my friends procrastinate everything until the last day but still end up with amazing marks. I really don't know how they do it. So jealous sometimes to be honest. :S Anyway, here are a few things that keep me motivated:

1. My goals. I want to get somewhere in life. Nothing extraordinary but I want to make myself someone who looks back on their past and is proud of what they have done and not filled with the regrets of what they should have done.

2. My values. The way I think about it is, there's nothing to stop you except yourself. Whether it's having some sort of fear or not having the guts to do something, the only thing that is stopping you is yourself. I just tell myself, "Suck it up and do it. You know it's good for you."

3. My parents. I want them to be proud of me and honestly, besides treating them well, doing nice things for them, buying them presents, and the like, the only way to repay them back for those dreadful eighteen years is to make them proud. :)
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