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The most important thing about getting your degree

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When or if you go to convocation your university will try to take even more money from you in the form of various items with their logo on it.

All I can say is shell out the money for a really nice university-logo frame for your degree. I don't know what your degrees will look like, but mine looks like a boring piece of paper. You need the nice official-looking frame to make it look more legit. Unless you go to a school that doesn't cheap out on your degree.

Because that lame looking piece of paper is worth AT LEAST $20000. And so even though you are a poor student and are going to say "$100+ dollars for a frame???", it is worth it. Or make your parents buy it for you. That's what I did.
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Personally, I'd only bother framing my degree if I had a professional degree in the medical sciences, just for the extra credibility.
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