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The path of Pharmacy, is this information correct?

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Highschool -> General Science program (only available in UFT and Waterloo)-> Undergrad degree for 1 or 2 years->Pharmacy Program->Internship 1 year->Pharmacist?

Does that sound right? It was what a friend in Waterloo told me, I didn't think it would only take roughly 7 years to become a Pharmacist.

On a side note, what's the difference (pros n cons) of general science at Waterloo vs UFT. I thought you got into Pharmacy with a life science program.

Also hows the Pharmacy business in Canada? Would it still exist/be stable i the future? I don't mind the competition getting the degree and working through University, but is the job market competitive? What about in the US or another country?

I also heard something about going to UFT if you want to eventually work outside of Canada, can someone give me more information on this matter?

For Bachelor of Science/Honors Bachelor of Science what are the highschool requirements (required courses + cutoff + EC info)?
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First of all, general science program is available everywhere! They may not specifically call it a general program, but first year is typically common for all science students.

Some pharmacy programs accept students after first year. So technically it will take only 5 years. (1 year of general science, 4 years of pharmacy) However, some other pharmacy schools accept students have 2 years of general science (you can declare a major too, but it doesn't matter...you basically need the marks), this will take a total of 4 years.


General Science --> Pharmacy School
1 or 2 years --> 4 years
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