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Theatre at U of T

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Does anyone have any idea of how to prepare for an application to the theatre program at U of T? I want to know how competitive it is and whether there are any courses I can take to prepare myself better for the audition.

My desire is to study Theatre and minor in music at university, but I don't know if this is even offered at any Canadian university.

U of T seems to offer several major/minor combinations involving Theatre but none of them include Music.

Also I'm a mature student so I was thinking of enrolling in an acting program at one of the Toronto acting schools to hone my skills. Can anyone suggest other things I could do to prepare myself?


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I am not sure what U of T wants specifically, I chose theatre production at Ryerson. I can tell you the audition advice that York University gives for their auditions "don't do Shakespeare" everyone does Shakespeare and few do it well.
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U of T has a good theater
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I have a friend applying to a theatre program- not at U of T though. From what she has told me I understand that it is competitive and your audition should be pretty good. What I would suggest is to take a few acting classes and concentrate on your audition piece, possibly with an acting coach. Good luck!
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