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Theatre In B.C

A photo of Mikayla2011 Mikayla2011
Does anyone know where the best Theatre program is in British Columbia? I've heard TWU has a great facility, but I was wondering if there are better, less expensive places to go?
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A photo of robynelisefroese robynelisefroese
A great place and where ive read seems to be cheaper too, is The canadian College Of PErforming Arts in Victoria. It seems as if the gocerment is willing to pay for have of each students tuition who goes there from Canada making it even cheaper.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
if you're looking for a cheaper place..
Langara College is actually a really good choice for acting.
They have something called Studio 58 and it's pretty well-known and they put on productions year-round.
They have a pretty intensive admission process that includes auditioning though, I think.
but yeah, check it out :)
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A photo of junefukumura junefukumura
SFU's School for Contemporary Arts is a good place to if you want to learn interdisciplinary arts. Plus the new Woodward's campus is an art student's dream come true!!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I'm glad I read all this! Kept me from needing to ask :)
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A photo of louisamcg louisamcg
Yes. I've heard CCPA in Victoria is well worth it. It covers the 3 disciplines (music, dance, and acting) without being really prestigious unlike some of the others schools I have heard about.
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A photo of sarahfeutl sarahfeutl
I've also heard about the program at SFU, but apparently it starts off at a really beginner level, because they are taking in people from all across the country.
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